How to draw Goofy

Drawing Goofy

How to draw Goofy, start doing a curve line

goofy sketch

Then draw the shape of the eyes

goofy sketch

Draw the pupil of the eyes

goofy sketch

Draw the cheek

goofy sketch

Draw the eyebrows above the eyes

goofy sketch

Draw the curve line from the eyebrow to the cheek.

Goofy sketch

Draw curve line below the eyes

Goofy sketch

Draw the an oval nose below the line.


Draw the line in the cheek

goofy sketch

Draw a curve line inside the cheek to make a smile and the top jaw.

 goofy sketch

Draw the two tooth right under the jaw and cheeks.

goofy sketch

Draw an U-line under the tooth

goofy sketch

Draw a heart tough inside the mouth


Draw a double u-line to make the bottom jaw


Draw the ears

goofy sketch

Draw the neck in the angle and circle line for a collar, for the collar start behind the bottom jaw draw around the neck.

goofy sketch

Draw bottom part for the collar and leave space for the finger.

goofy sketch

Draw the hand

goofy sketch

Draw the rest of the clothsgoofy sketch

Draw the other hand of the sketch


Begin to draw the wrist and the sleeve

goofy sketch


Draw the arm as well

goofy sketch

Draw the hat in an angle, almost make it look like a chief hat. Congratulation, you finish drawing goofy.

goofy24 goofy25 goofy sketch

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How to draw in color








How to draw Pluto

Draw Pluto from Disney

How to draw Pluto, you draw a curve line.


Then you draw the shape of the outline of eye and draw on the curve line.pluto2 Then draw same line on opposite side to complete the shape of the eye.pluto3 Draw an oval shape of the eye of the pupil and draw a triangle shape in the center of the eye.pluto5Draw the same pupil for the right eye.


Draw curve line under the eyes.pluto7 Draw two more curve line underneath.pluto8 Draw oval shape underneath the curve line to make the shape of the nose.pluto9 Draw curve line to outline the face.pluto10 Draw same thing on the opposite side.pluto11 Do draw curve line on the top of the head to the complete the face.pluto12 Draw a small line underneath the nose and the right cheek.pluto13 Draw a smile line inside the cheek and make a curve on the right side to connect to the nose where the small line meet.pluto14Repeat the next step on the left to draw plutoDraw a u shape underneath the nosedraw plutoDraw a curve line inside the mouth

pluto18Draw a shape underneath the nose to make the jaw pluto19Draw the tough inside the mouthpluto20Draw the neckpluto21Draw the shape of the collardraw plutoDraw two vertical line on the side of the collar
pluto23Complete the collardraw plutoDraw the right earPluto sketchDo the same thing on the opposite side of the ear and then you’re done.
drawing of pluto